Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two from the Material Girl

Time for some material by the Material Girl. (Surely she must get tired of being called that?)

First up is the wonderful re-edit of “Burnin’ Up”, a lesser hit from 1983. This lightly updated instrumental dub was crafted in 2009 by Rotciv, who is to be featured in a future post here. I can’t get enough of this track.
Next is a 2010 edit of the atrocious Shep Pettibone Re-Remix of “Express Yourself”. The original re-remix appeared on the “Justify My Love” CD single in 1990. The creator of this edit would like to remain anonymous.

In the original 9-minute remix, Pettibone had some good ideas which built on what he did with the Stop & Go Dubs remix the year before. However, repeatedly dropping out the beat and soloing the backup or lead vocals, obliterating the necessary harmonies of both put together, just did not work out so well; the mix just doesn't work for dancing or listening.

A much shorter, sweeter dub is created by cutting out most of these gratuitous vocal segments. No re-arrangement was done; the removed parts are simply skipped over, and one of the seams was lightly mixed instead of using a straight cut.
The end result, while far more listenable than the original, isn’t the least bit fashionable — unlike the Rotciv edit, it's no diamond in the rough for your deep house/nu-disco/boogie set — but if you’re a fan of the song in general, it’ll make a nice addition to your personal shuffle-play rotation.

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