Thursday, March 26, 2009

William "Boogie Knight" / "Kid Delight" Stroman, R.I.P.

I didn’t intend to post anything hip-hop related in this blog, but I was doing some research on The Boogie Boys (known for their 1985 hit “A Fly Girl”) and stumbled across a number of touching posts by people who knew the group’s central figure, William Darrell Stroman, a.k.a. “Boogie Knight” / “Kid Delight” on wax, then “Delight” / “9×Delight” / “Boogie Knight Kid Delight”. Stroman was murdered on October 9, 2001.

Everyone who wrote about him had such good things to say about him. If you have a minute, spend some time reading at these sites and get to know him.
  • July 2001 interview with William Stroman.
  • October 2001 announcement of Stroman's passing, posted by DJ Yoda (Crash Crew/Zulu Nation).
  • 2004 Boogie Boys / William Stroman mini-bio by DJ Yoda in a message board thread.
  • 2005 remembrance / memorial post by a friend/Army buddy of Stroman. The comments on that post contained further remembrances by more friends, ex-girlfriends, and others who loved him, so I used to recommend that people who knew him post there, so the comments would all be in one place and more easily found in searches. But as of late 2013, all of the comments on that blog have disappeared, and the comments on that particular post weren't saved by, so please feel free to just post here. It may take me a while to make sure your comment is not spam, but I certainly won't delete anything.
  • 2007 Boogie Boys bio
To hear Boogie Knight in action, check out this trio of Boogie Boys 12″ singles ( pw: 3BoogieBoys12s ), containing:
  • Rappin Ain’t No Thing – which has an ultra-old-school (1981) party vibe
  • A Fly Girl – their big hit
  • You Ain’t Fresh


Anonymous said...

Seriously, Boogie was one of the best humans ever. I'm am serious, he was talented with beats, lyrics but more importantly as a human and from a socially conscious and honesty standpoint, he was awesome. Sadly the last time I saw him was after about a 15 year gap (I'd gone away to do a move) and when we saw each other it was like no time passed at all. He picked me up in the air (and he's much shorter than me) and was like "Yo where you been bro" I was really in deep respect of him. Within awhile, unknown to him, I was writing some beats and video ventures that I'd hoped to do with him. Suddenly from Mike C that he was murdered. What a loss, he was a genius, and I really considered him a friend, a brother and an angel. RIP bro.

Truth Human said...

Boogie Knight was a gentleman, a creative genius and a real friend. I thank Mike C/Crash Crew for the initial introduction, and am blessed to have spent time with Boogie. I remember meeting his mother after his death, and thinking: "Boogie is just like his mother, polite, eloquent and smart."

Hoping boogie is still rocking vibes and still kicking grooves with all the "Fly Girls" in heaven.


Anonymous said...

Still missed and thought about all these years later... Much love to you baby.

Ron Avent said...

To my man Boogie..You were always on the up and up..that year n a half we were roomdogs at the Griff were always good and positive times..I never could understand why someone as talented as you had to deal wit the Force to do ur music but it shows how vicious the game has always been.Rest in peace my little brother..I will never forget you..Your brother always Ron

Anonymous said...

Wow! ''RIP'' Boogie Knight i grew up on his music and this is new news to me...sorry to hear this

Gene Carter said...

Real talk! Boogie My Brother! To hear Ron's words, its like crazy I still remember the last time we stood on stage together when we were at the Griff. You were my musical mentor and brother! Funny how I met you after we both graduated from the same school a year apart. I had a good freindship with Romeo JD just school no music. Then you my brother, you encouraged me and introduced me to the idea of producing my own music gave me my first drum machine the Korg DDM-110. I found one the other day and gave it to my grandson I said if he can start here, he can go anywhere. I still remember going into your room and moving your things around and you getting upset, think it was your OCD that kept you and Ron so close, your constantly having to make sure his stuff was I still have the cassette of pre-released/mixed Citylife you gave me. Real talk I miss you! You made me respect Hip Hop a little bit more!

Gene Carter aka "G", "G2G", "G-Love" "G-ta-G"

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was searching for William to discover he passed. I met William in Germany in the Army. We did music together. He would do the beats and I would sing to his beats. I still have all the music and letters. I still have a copy of Kick The Power that we did in the studio. I am so sorry to learn you gone. R.I.P my friend.

Anonymous said...

Omg wow you met him in Germany? So did my fiance you may know him he also did music with William his name is andre but everyone there called him baby dre.. they were like 2 peas in a pod, so you'd most like know him lol he would dance at the clubs in Stuttgart on stage. P.s. I'm kaykay.. hope to hear back mystery man! Lol

Robert Boykin said...

We were stationed in the same Battalion in Germany. He was a really cool and caring brother. He drop some music we he was there and we used to follow his show and dance. I am so sorry to hear the brother is no longer with us, truly a loss...